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Real name, credit union delivery, referred by UDF core partners or self-referral, self-referral will be confirmed after comprehensive consideration by the UDF platform expert team. A more private, high-quality cross-border financial community to help you find key decision makers and drive business to the ground quickly.

UDF Platform Service Process

User registration. Click hereregister and follow the prompts.(for users outside the mainland China, please select email registration)

Fitness matching. UDF staff will match your submission with the appropriate direction of participation and feedback the results to you (estimated 2-5 working days)

Both parties communicate by video conference. UDF will assign someone to contact you, and the two parties will further communicate through a video conference .(estimated 3-7 working days)

Formally sign the contract. After the video/on-site meeting, the two parties will provide each other with the supporting documents agreed in the meeting and the agreement template. UDF will perform the internal signing process and formally sign the cooperation agreement. (expected 3-20 working days)

Carry out planned cooperation. The two sides carried out the plan and distributed the income according to the agreement.

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