International Financial Regulation
Standard Definition of Financial Technology (FinTech) by the International Financial Stability Board (FSB)
"Technology enables financial innovation that can generate new business models, applications, processes or products that can have a significant impact on financial markets, financial institutions or the way services are provided."
Financial Market Infrastructure Services
Core application areas of FinTech of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision:
Portal and data aggregation
Domestic Cross-border Financial Services Supervision
Cross-border Delivery (Cross Border Trade) Openness:

The positive list method, the market access opening commitment, is limited to the following financial services: (1) Insurance services. (2) Securities services. (3) Financial information data services. Including the provision and transfer of financial information, financial data processing and other software related to financial service providers; consulting, intermediary or other ancillary services in relation to the activities listed in the Concession Schedule, including credit investigation and analysis, investment and securities research and advice, advice on acquisitions and advice on corporate restructuring and strategy development.

Commercial Presence Openness:
The list of foreign investment access in the financial industry has been officially cleared
I.Platform Positioning
cross-border financial services
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III.Our Service
Our Clients (Phase I)
IV.Service Highlights
V.Platform Value
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VI.Successful Cases

Trade Finance Synergy: A Singapore-based bank collaborating with a Chinese joint-stock commercial bank to amplify trade finance solutions.

Legal Tech Ventures: A German digital economy fund in strategic legal service partnership with a Chinese law firm.

Global Logistics Insurance: Partnership between an enterprise group in China and global insurers for overseas transportation coverage.

Cross-Border Financial Operations: A UK payment solutions provider working alongside Chinese domestic banks to streamline overseas transactions, including collections, payments, and settlements.

International Claims Management: An Indian law firm and a Chinese financial institution jointly handling the resolution of overseas claims.

Overseas Funds Administration: Comprehensive management services for China-based institutional clients' overseas funds.

Emerging Market Investment: A Dubai investment firm actively collaborating with a Chinese counterpart in third-party markets.

Islamic Banking Innovation: Malaysian Islamic finance institutions partnering with Chinese banks for product and service diversification.

Maritime Asset Collaboration: A Norwegian ship investment fund in alliance with a Hong Kong asset management company.

Global Financial Investment Outreach: Bidirectional investment promotion partnerships, covering both domestic and international city/regional financial sectors.

Digital Economy Synergy: Collaborative initiatives between a domestic free trade zone and Ireland's burgeoning digital economy.

ASEAN Accounting Services: A Hong Kong accounting firm collaborating with a Chinese investment company to offer specialized accounting services in ASEAN nations.

KYC Expertise: Providing comprehensive Know Your client (KYC) services to the overseas clientele of a Chinese trading conglomerate.

Syndicated Credit Solutions: A Dutch credit insurance company partnering with a Hong Kong financial institution for syndicated loan arrangements.

African Financial Inclusion: A South African financial institution teaming up with a Chinese FinTech company to expand business operations across Africa.

International Trade Facilitation: A Portuguese financial services institution partnering with a Chinese free trade zone to optimize international trade services.

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