financial services
International Financial Regulation
Standard Definition of Financial Technology (FinTech) by the International Financial Stability Board (FSB)
"Technology enables financial innovation that can generate new business models, applications, processes or products that can have a significant impact on financial markets, financial institutions or the way services are provided."
Financial Market Infrastructure Services
Core application areas of FinTech of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision:
Portal and data aggregation
Domestic cross-border financial services supervision
Cross-border delivery (Cross Border Trade) openness:

The positive list method, the market access opening commitment, is limited to the following financial services: (1) Insurance services. (2) Securities services. (3) Financial information data services. Including the provision and transfer of financial information, financial data processing and other software related to financial service providers; consulting, intermediary or other ancillary services in relation to the activities listed in the Concession Schedule, including credit investigation and analysis, investment and securities research and advice, advice on acquisitions and advice on corporate restructuring and strategy development.

Commercial presence (Commercial Presence) openness:
The list of foreign investment access in the financial industry has been officially cleared
I.Platform Positioning
Standing in China, connecting the world
We are committed to promoting the interconnection of cross-border financial services for institutional clients and becoming a super node in the cross-border financial field.
II.Value of the Platform
III.Our Services
IV.Our Clients (Phase I)
V.Advantages of the Services
Localized Investment Banking Services
Digitalized Business Leads Generation
Continuous Business Development
VI.Scenarios and Cases
The UDF-Space Industrial Internet has been operating for 6 years.
Aiming to empower Chinese and foreign businesses, local governments and professional service providers with more than 2,000 mature products offered by 100 financial vestment institutions in 36 countries/regions.
VII.Platform scenarios
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VIII.Successful cases
• Cooperation between a Singapore bank's trade financing business and a Chinese domestic joint-stock commercial bank
• An investment company in Dubai cooperates with a Chinese construction company in overseas warehouse investment and financing
•Due diligence service for a Chinese project of an Indian investment company
•A UK payment and settlement company cooperates with Chinese domestic bank in overseas payment and settlement business clients' collection
• A fund management company in Luxembourg cooperated with Chinese domestic institutional clients for overseas fund administration business
• Cooperation in Islamic finance between Malaysia and China-based banks
•Investment cooperation between a China-based S Fund and an institution in an offshore financial center
•Cooperation on Hong Kong-listed stock and U.S.-listed stock
pledge finance with overseas licensed institutions
IX.Products Recommendation
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