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"Ginkgo Tree" Leadership Program

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March 8, an exciting day: International Working Women's Day, when millions of people celebrate the awakening of women and the improvement of their social status. On March 8, which is also my birthday, my friends and I hope to do something meaningful in the limited time we have, so we launched the "Ginkgo Tree" Leadership Program to start a different day: building and sharing together, and contributing to the sustainable development of the financial services industry.

"Ginkgo tree", symbolizing longevity, good fortune and resilience. Ginkgo trees, one of the oldest tree species on earth, first appeared in the Carboniferous period 345 million years ago and were once widely distributed in Europe, Asia and America in the Northern Hemisphere. It has survived the Quaternary glacial movement and is a famous long-lived tree species.

The ginkgo tree was regarded as a blessed tree by the ancient people, blessing the people with peace. The 1,300-year-old ginkgo tree located in the ancient Guanyin Zen Temple in Xi'an, the capital of the 13 dynasties, is said to have been planted by Li Shimin, Taizong Emperor of the Tang Dynasty, giving a sense of mystery.

Ginkgo trees mean a pleasant and idyllic view. For example, one of the world's four dense ancient ginkgo forests in Suizhou, Hubei: the 12-kilometer-long ginkgo valley, mountains, streams, ancient trees, old houses, mountain songs, cooking smoke... strolling in the fireworks of the earth, but do not feel the world's restraint, only feel refreshing, only feel the freedom of life. The movie "The Assassin" was filmed here and the scenery is breathtaking.

The "Ginkgo Tree" Leaders Program will connect 1,000 caring finance-related veterans in 50 cities around the world in five years to help each other and work to reduce the imbalance of financial resources, mismatch of professional skills and inefficiency of financial services. Connecting up, serving others, and fulfilling ourselves.

Take 10 minutes, start the ginkgo journey and get the "Ginkgo Leader" badge. 70% of the resulting income goes to the elderly, and 30% of it will be donated to elderly public welfare organizations by the UDF-Space. Seniors are 65 years and older.

Suitable for groups

1.      Senior elites in the industry who have worked for more than 5 years.

2.      Has made great achievements in the following fields and keeps pace with the times:

Finance, language (translation), media, law, finance and taxation, IT technology, management consulting and other fields

3.      Enthusiastic for public welfare, willing to share, young in mind, always maintain a strong desire for self-realization.

"Ginkgo Tree" Leadership Program Participation Form

1.      UDF platform international and domestic cooperation and promotion.

2.      Questions and Answers on practical issues related to cross-border investment and financing, cross-border guarantee and cross-border settlement.

3.      Coordination and communication of offline projects.

4.      Where senior people over 65 years old participate in all kinds of income, after the platform implements the distribution principle, the remaining income will be used to support public welfare undertakings related to the elderly.

Participation process

 User registration. Click on the register button in the upper right corner of the page and follow the prompts (for users outside the mainland China, please select email registration)

Fitness matching. UDF staff will match your submission with the appropriate direction of participation and feedback the results to you (estimated 2-5 working days)

Both parties communicate by video conference. UDF will assign someone to contact you, and the two parties will further communicate through a video conference .(estimated 3-7 working days)

Formally sign the contract. After the video/on-site meeting, the two parties will provide each other with the supporting documents agreed in the meeting and the agreement template. UDF will perform the internal signing process and formally sign the cooperation agreement. (expected 3-20 working days)

Carry out planned cooperation. The two sides carried out the plan and distributed the income according to the agreement.

Complete the Entry Form

"Ginkgo Tree" Leadership Program Entry Form

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