Registration Related Questions 


Q: I am from outside of China, Should I choose "mobile phone verification registration" or "email verification registration" when registering?

A: Due to different policies among international telecommunications operators, to avoid the verification code being blocked and unable to complete registration, it is recommended that users outside of China use "email verification registration".

Q: As an institutional user, are there any requirements for the phone number/email address used during registration?

A: Please use the phone number of a business representative or a valid work email address.

Q: After successfully registering, how do I use UDF platform services?

A: After registering successfully, you can obtain a UDF ID number and use various online and offline services of the platform through the UDF ID number. Click on the personal avatar in the upper right corner of the page and go to "Personal Center" to view the UDF ID number.

Registration Related Questions 


Q: The service price I want to purchase is different from the one shown in the promotional images on the website. Why is that?

A: The service price shown in the company's promotional images on the website may be a discounted price during a company promotion or a discounted price for members. If you are purchasing services during a company promotion or you are a member with a discounted price, and there is a discrepancy between the price shown and the one in the promotional images, please contact client service. You can email us at BD@u-sharing.com or use the "Client Service" function on the right side of the website to leave a message.

Q: What payment methods are supported on the website?

A: The simplified Chinese version of the website supports Alipay and WeChat Pay, while the traditional Chinese/English version of the website supports PayPal. You can also make payments through bank wire transfer.

Bank Wire Transfer Account Information

USD Account:

Intermediary Bank: JPMorgan Chase Bank New York NY US (SWIFT BIC: CHASUS33)



Beneficiary: Tianjin U-Sharing Technology Co., Ltd.

Beneficiary's 17 digits Acct.No.: 75581488000013864

Q: After making the payment, how do I activate the service?

A: After a successful payment, the system will automatically redirect you to "Personal Center". Please take a screenshot of this page and send it via email to BD@u-sharing.com, along with your organization name, personal identification documents, organization qualification materials, and contact information. The subject line of the email should be "UDF ID number + name of the purchased service". Once we receive all the necessary information, we will complete the entry certification process and activate the service within 2 business days.

Q: Where can I view my purchase order?

A: Click on the user avatar on the top right corner of the website, enter "Personal Center", and then click on "My Orders" to track the order status.

Q: If I selected the wrong product and made a payment, can I get a refund?

A: If you are using Alipay/WeChat Pay on the simplified Chinese version of the website, you can click on the user avatar on the top right corner of the website, enter "Personal Center", click on "My Orders", and then click on "Apply for Refund" and fill out the refund reason. After the client service team verifies your request, we will refund the amount to your account. If you are using PayPal on the traditional Chinese/English version of the website, please contact client service and provide your bank account information. We will process the refund through bank wire transfer.

Service Related Questions 


Q: As an individual user, do I need to purchase authentication services after registration?

A: If you have business docking requirements and to ensure the authenticity and credibility of the information, you need to purchase the "User Authentication" service beforehand. After purchasing and being certified through the authentication process, you will become a member with relevant qualifications and have the right to join the high-end professional community on the website and enjoy a series of value-added services.

This service is a paid service. You can click here to select a certified registration service to purchase.

Q: What are the identification documents required for individuals?

A: If you are from within China, please provide one photo of the front and back of your ID card.

If you are from outside of China, please provide a legal personal information identification document from your country.

Q: What are the materials required for institutional qualification?

A: If you are from within China, please provide legally valid company registration or registration documents (original scanned copies) and related documents proving legal and normal operation, such as business license/practice license/organization code certificate/social credit code certificate/legal representative registration, etc.

If you are from outside of China, please provide legal documents from your country.

Q: I have purchased an online store or a super business card, when will the service start?

A: After the website receives your service purchase information, the client manager will proactively contact you to discuss service details, sign relevant service agreements, etc. After you have submitted complete information and materials, we will activate your online store and related services within 3 working days and publish your information on it.

You/your clients can find your store in the "Products and Services" section on the homepage, click here to go to that page.

Q: What are the forms of roadshow services available to choose from?


Third-party software interactive live broadcast: includes roadshow organization, hosting, and translation.

1.Recorded video display: You send the video for the roadshow - the website reviews the content (within 1 working day) - upload to the roadshow hall (within 1 working day).

2.Commissioned video production and display: You send the promotional materials for the roadshow - the website reviews the content (within 1 working day) - the website produces audio and video (within 1 working day) - upload to the roadshow hall (within 1 working day).

3.The information you provide includes but is not limited to: institution name, contact information, product and service categories and related descriptions, news, honors and other promotional materials. The information should be sent in the form of images, text or files. Images should be clear, and the length of the text or file is not limited, but please provide an editable file format such as ppt, word, etc.

You/your clients can find your roadshow in the "Roadshow Hall" section on the homepage, click here to go to that page.

Q: Can the services included in package goods be increased, decreased, or replaced?

A: Please contact our client service, and we are willing to provide you with a more personalized digital marketing solution. The client service email is BD@u-sharing.com, and you can also leave a message using the "Client Service" function on the right side of the webpage.

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