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UDF Registration Agreement

UDF Internet Platform Registration Agreement

You should carefully read this agreement and fully understand all the terms and conditions before submitting the registration application on the UDF Internet Platform(www.udfspace.com) cross-border financial Internet platform (hereinafter referred to as "UDF Internet Platform" or "this website") and clicking "Registration" on the electronic page of UDF Internet Platform and filling in relevant information. In particular, the terms of exemption or limitation of liability, the terms of right license and information use, the terms of agreement to open and use special single services, the applicable laws and dispute resolution clauses, etc.  

If you are an institution or organization, you should have been registered with the relevant government authorities and be a legally existing institution or organization; Or has obtained the authorization of the legally existing institution or organization. 

If you are a user outside the mainland of China, you enter into and perform this Agreement, in addition to complying with Chinese laws and regulations, you also need to comply with the laws of the country or region where you belong, and respect local ethics and customs. If your behavior violates the above laws and regulations or moral customs, you should be responsible for this. 

1. Legal Statement  

The ownership and operation right of this website and the service products of this website belong to Tianjin City Advantage Intercommunication Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Advantage Intercommunication"). The rights and obligations related to this website as stipulated in the UDF Internet Platform Registration Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") shall be enjoyed and undertaken by Advantage. In accordance with the terms of this agreement and the operation needs of this website, the operating rules and network service points issued from time to time constitute an integral part of this agreement. 

When natural persons,institutions or organizations, as well as users of products and services on this website (hereinafter referred to as "users" or "you")apply for registration on the corresponding electronic pages of this website and complete the registration process, indicatethat you agree to and signedthis Agreement and become a registered user of this website, this Agreement shall have legal effect.

The interpretation of the following terms and conditions shall be reserved to us, and may be changed/revised from time to time within the scope permitted by the laws of the People's Republic of China. 

1.1The UDF Internet Platform is not responsible for the authenticity, accuracy, legality of the information on the third-party websites linked to this website and any disputes and losses arising from this information. If you find any problems with the above information, please contact us as soon as possible by telephone:0086-022-87196198; email: BD@u-sharing.com. 

1.2All users have signed the UDF Internet Platform Real-name Authentication Service Agreement with this website according to the rules of this website, or have purchased UDF Internet platform products and services;Or has signed a relevant cooperation agreement with the advantage of interoperability, you can publish information through this website in text, images or other multidimensional ways, and the user shall be responsible for the authenticity and legality of the published information. However, the user must comply with the following terms:

1.2.1Strictly abide by the relevant laws, regulations, rules and normative documents of the People's Republic of China, abide by the general ethics and norms on the Internet, and cooperate and exchange in the principle of good faith and equality. 

1.2.2It is not allowed to endanger network security in any multi-dimensional way on this website. It is not allowed to use the network to endanger national security, honor and interests, incite subversion of state power, overthrow the socialist system, incite secession of the country and undermine national unity, promote terrorism and extremism, promote ethnic hatred and ethnic discrimination, disseminate violence and obscene pornographic information, fabricate and disseminate false information to disrupt economic order and social order, and infringe upon the reputation, privacy, Intellectual property rights and other legitimate rights and interests. 

1.2.3 You may not publish any information content that insults or slanders others and infringes on the legitimate rights and interests of others on this website. You may not publish any information content that violates public order and good customs on this website.

1.2.4 Other contents that violate the relevant provisions of the laws, regulations, rules and normative documents of the People's Republic of China. 

1.3Users who register on this website shall use real personal information and business information in good faith and law-abiding principles.

Information and organization information. The user agrees that the UDF Internet Platformhas the right to analyze the entire user database and use the user database commercially without disclosing the privacy information of individual users. 

1.4After the user's authorization, the text, pictures, links,videos and other contents uploaded or published on this website cause any third party to make claims or any damage or loss derived therefrom, and the user shall bear all responsibilities. This website is not responsible for its authenticity and consequences. The viewer of this website should pay attention to the authenticity and legality of the video, audio or any other form of content displayed on this website, including text, picturesand links.If you find any problems, please report to the website management in time (reporting method:Tel:0086-022-87196198; E-mail: BD@u-sharing.com). 

2. Service Description

2.1The specific content of UDF Internet platform service products is provided by this website according to the actual situation, such as obtaining, publishing and sharing video, audio, graphic information and other product and service information. This website only provides users with relevant network services, users must be equipped with the necessary equipment for Internet access (such as personal computers, mobile phones, modemsor other necessary Internet devices) and bear the required costs (such as Internet access to pay for theseservice-related telephone costs, network costs, mobile phone costs). 

Based on the importance of the service and products provided by this website, users should agree that: 

2.1.1 Provide true, accurate, complete, legaland valid information aboutthe subject. 

2.1.2 In case of any change in the subject information, the registration materials shall be updated in a timely manner to ensure that the information meets the requirements of truthfulness, accuracy, completeness, legality and validity. 

2.2UDF Internet platformservice products are provided according to the current situation that can be achieved by existing technologies and conditions. We will do our best to ensure the continuity and security of our services, but we cannot foresee and prevent legal, technical and other risks at any time. We are exempt from such risks, including but not limited to service interruption, data loss and other losses and risks that may be caused by force majeure, viruses, Trojan horses, hacker attacks, system instability, third-party service defects, government actions, etc.  

3.Changes, Interruption or Termination of Services

In view of the particularity of network services, this website has the right to change or interrupt or terminate part or all of the network services at any time, without being responsible for users or third parties. 

In order to better provide network services for users, this website needs to regularly or irregularly repair or maintain the platform or related equipment that provides network services. If the network service is interrupted within a reasonable time due to such circumstances, and the service is interrupted due to other artificial circumstances (such as malicious attacks), this website does not have to bear any responsibility for this. 

In case of any of the following circumstances, this website has the right to interrupt or terminate the provision of network services to users at any time without any liability to users or any third party: 

(1) The information provided by the user is not true; 

(2) The user violates the relevant provisions of this agreement; 

(3) Due to government bans, changes in applicable laws or regulations currently in force, fires, natural disasters, riots, wars, power outages, communication line interruptions, hacker attacks, computer virus intrusion or outbreaks, technical adjustments in the telecommunications sector, and temporary closure of the website due to government regulation Any unforeseen, inevitable, insurmountable and uncontrollable event that affects the normal operation of the network("Force Majeure Event"), as well as the delay, stagnation or error of the information and data provided by this website caused by deliberate destruction by others, your improper operation or use of the service in a manner not authorized or approved by this website, normal system maintenance, system upgrade, or other hardware failure due to network congestion and beyond the control of the company.

You are responsible for making your own backup copies of the data stored on this website. If your service is terminated, this website has the right to permanently delete your data from the server, except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations. After the suspension or termination of the service, this website has no obligation to provide or return the data to you. 

4. Online Registration

You confirm that before you click to registerUDF Internet platform, if you are a natural person, you should have the civil capacity for your behavior as stipulated by the laws of the People's Republic of ChinaIf you do not have the civil capacity for your behavior, you and your guardian shall bear all the consequences arising therefrom in accordance with the law. In addition, you need to ensure that you are not the object of trade restrictions, sanctions or other laws and regulations imposed by any country, international organization or region, otherwise you may not be able to register and use the UDF Internet platform normally. 

If you are an institution, legal person or organization, you shall have obtained the registration of relevant government authorities and be a legally existing institution or organization; Or has obtained the authorization of the legally existing institution or organization. 

The user hereby agrees to accept this website to send promotional, event information or other relevant business information and materials to the user by email or other means. 

5.Accounts, User Passwords, and Security

The user shall properly keep the account number and password registered on this website and bear the security of the account number and password.

Take full responsibility. The user can change the user's password at any time according to the prompt of this website.

The user shall not transfer or lend his account number and password to others for use. In case of any dispute arising from the transfer or lending of the account number and password by the user, the user shall bear the losses arising therefrom.

If the user finds that his account has been illegally used by others or there are security vulnerabilities, he should immediately notify this website. This website does not assume any responsibility for the illegal use of the account and password by others due to hacking or negligence of the user.

In the process of using the service products of this website, the user can set the nickname, avatar and other information for the account used. The user shall ensure that the content and form of such information comply with laws and regulations, public order and good custom, social morality and the rules of this Agreement, and will not infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of any subject including but not limited to portrait right, reputation right and other legitimate rights and interests. Any dispute arising therefrom shall be resolved by the user itself. And bear the corresponding legal responsibility. 

6.User Privacy Policy 

Respecting and protecting user privacy and other personal information is a basic policy of this website.

See UDF Internet Platform Privacy Statement on this website (link:https://www.udfspace.com/en/PrivacyStatement)

Users may need to fill in some necessary information in the process of registering an account or using the service. If the information provided by the user is incomplete or untrue, the service may not be available or may be restricted during use.

When users use a specific service product on this website, the service product may have a separate agreement, relevant business rules, etc., before you use the service product, please read and agree to the relevant separate agreement, you use a specific service product, it is deemed that you have read and agreed to accept the UDF Internet platform related separate agreement. 

7.User management

The user must observe the following principles: 

(1)Comply with the relevant laws and regulations of China and the place where the user is located; 

(2)Comply with all industry regulations, procedures and practices for the use of the Network Services;Comply with the agreement, rules, etc. of this website;

(3)You may not use the Service for any illegal purpose. 

(4)Do not transmit any harassing, slanderous, abusive, threatening, vulgar, obscene, abetting others to commit criminal acts and other illegal information; 

(5)Infringe upon the patent, copyright, trademark, right of publicity or any other legitimate rights and interests of any third party; 

(6)Do not use the network service system of this website to conduct any behavior that is not conducive to this website; 

(7)Do not interfere with or disrupt network services; 

(8)No unauthorized access to other computer systems. Users need to independently bear legal responsibility for their online behavior. The information published on this website represents only the author himself and does not represent the position of this website.

If the user's behavior violates the above terms of service, this website has the right to take corresponding measures, including but not limited to deleting, blocking the relevant content or disconnecting the corresponding link through technical means. At the same time, this website has the right to take measures including but not limited to advance warning, refusal to publish, short-term ban on publishing until permanent closure of the account, and legal liability. If the user spreads and disseminates reactionary, pornographic or other information that violates national laws on this website, the system records of this website may be used as evidence that the user violates the law. The contents of suspected illegal and criminal activities will be kept on file and truthfully reported when investigated by relevant government departments. 

8.Intellectual property ownership

The network service products defined in this website include:This website provides text, pictures, audio, video content, and other information provided by this website for users. The intellectual property rights of all such content are owned by Advantage. The Intellectual Property Rights are protected by copyright, trademark and/or other laws. Therefore, users can only use these contents with the authorization of this website and relevant rights holders, and cannot copy, publish, reprint, play, adapt, compile or otherwise use these contents, or use such contents for any other commercial purpose. 

If the content of this website is similar to anyone's work and infringes anyone's copyright (including but not limited to:Reproduction right, distribution right, rental right, exhibition right, performance right, screening right, broadcasting right, information network transmission right, filming right, adaptation right, translation right, compilation right) or may cause harm to anyone, please contact us in time (contact information:Tel:0086-022-87196198; E-mail: BD@u-sharing.com). 

The copyright and trademark rights of the commercial logos such as "UDF" and "UDF Internet Platform" used in this website belong to Advantage. 

9.Third Party Links

This website has links to other websites and web pages, but these websites and web pages are not operated or controlled by this website, and this website is not responsible. The user who initiates any such link or webpage, leaves the Site and enters another website or webpage shall be subject to the user agreement of the other website or webpage. All risks are borne by the user, and this website does not assume any responsibility. 


Users acknowledge and agree that this website may send and display advertisements or other information (including commercial and non-commercial information) to you by itself or by a third party through SMS, email or electronic information, etc. The specific sending and display form, frequency and content of advertisements or other information shall be subject to the actual provision of this website. If you do not want to receive the above advertising information, you can unsubscribe when you first receive the relevant information.  

This website will carry out advertising business in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. You agree that you will not be liable to any third party for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the Service.

You should carefully judge the authenticity and reliability of the advertisement, and you should be responsible for your own behavior due to the advertisement unless it is explicitly provided by law. 

11.liability for damages

The user agrees to protect and safeguard the interests of this website and other users. If the user violates any relevant laws, regulations or any terms of this agreement and causes losses to this website or any other third party, the user agrees to independently assume the resulting damages (including but not limited to:any claim, demand or loss asserted by a third party). This website is not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, special and subsequent damages arising from the use of network services by users. These damages may come from:Improper use of network services, online purchase of goods or similar services, online transactions, illegal use of network services or changes in information transmitted by users.

U.S.A. shall have the right to take appropriate legal actions against violations of relevant China laws and regulations or this Agreement based on reasonable judgment, and save relevant information and report to relevant departments in accordance with laws and regulations.

We make no representations or warranties of any kind (express or implied) regarding the operation of this website and the information, content, materials, products (including software) or services contained on this website (except as otherwise provided by China law).

12.Infringement complaint

If the obligee believes that the works displayed in the information storage space service provided by this website, stored, searched or linked in the search and link service infringe the copyright of the relevant works, he may submit a written notice to this website and request this website to take necessary measures such as deleting, blocking and disconnecting the link. The notice shall be signed by the obligee, and the official seal of the institution shall be affixed if the obligee is an institution. 

The notice shall contain: (1) the name, contact information, address and business operation of the obligee .The materials proving the subject identity of the obligee, such as the photo (unit), ID card (individual) and relevant authorization certificate;(2) The exact name and network address of the allegedly infringing content that requires deletion or disconnection;(3) preliminary evidentiary materials that are deemed to constitute an infringement; 

The obligee shall guarantee that the statements in the notice and the relevant materials provided are true, valid and legal, and undertake all legal liabilities arising therefrom. 

After receiving the notice from the obligee, this website will delete the content suspected of infringement or disconnect the link with the content suspected of infringement, and forward the notice to the user who provides the content. After receiving the notice transmitted by this website, if the user believes that the content provided does not infringe the rights of others, he may submit a written explanation to this website to request the restoration of the deleted content or the restoration of the link to the disconnected content. 

The written description shall include: (1) the user's name, contact information and address, and business license

(unit), ID card (individual), relevant authorization certificate and other materials proving the identity of the counter-notifier;(2) Request the restoration of the deleted content, or the exact name and network address of the content that has been disconnected;(3) Preliminary evidentiary materials that do not constitute infringement. 

The user shall ensure that the statements in the written description and the relevant materials provided are true, valid and legal, and shall undertake all legal responsibilities arising therefrom. 

After the above procedures, this website will no longer accept the notice of the obligee requesting this website to delete the content or disconnect the link of the content for the same content. 

13.Governing Law and Dispute Resolution 

The conclusion, execution and interpretation of the terms of this Agreement and the settlement of disputes shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China (Chinese law);and subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Mainland China.

If any provision of this Agreement is in conflict with the laws of the People's Republic of China, such provision shall be invalid or revised as required by law, and other provisions shall remain valid and have legal effect.

In case of any dispute arising from the terms and conditions of this Agreement or its implementation, both parties shall try their best to settle the dispute through friendly negotiation; If no agreement is reached through negotiation, either party may file a lawsuit to the people's court where Advantage Interchange is located. 

14.Other provisions

The headings in these Terms of Service are for convenience only and do not constitute the specific content of this Agreement or affect the meaning and interpretation of any provision of this Agreement. The terms and conditions of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

Other rights not expressly authorized in this Agreement are still reserved by Advantage, and you shall obtain the written permission of Advantage when exercising these rights. The failure of us to exercise any of the foregoing rights shall not constitute a waiver of such rights.

You confirm that you have read the above terms carefully and fully accept them. 

Real Name Authentication Service Agreement

UDF Internet Platform Real Name Authentication Service Agreenment

Welcome to UDF Internet Platform Identity Authentication Service!

In order to provide you with better real name authentication service, please read and fully understand this Agreement before you start to use the service, especially the terms involving the exclusion or limitation of liability, the terms of rights license and information use, the terms of agreement to open and use special single service, the application of law and dispute resolution terms. Among them, the important contents such as the terms of exclusion or limitation of liability or other terms involving your significant rights and interests will be brought to your attention in bold form, and you should focus on reading them.

If you are an institution or organization, you should have been registered with the relevant governmental authority as a legally existing institution or organization; or have been authorized by a legally existing institution or organization.

If you are a user outside of mainland China, in entering into and performing this Agreement, you are required to abide by the laws of the country or region that you belong to and/or live in and respect the local morals and customs. If you act in violation of local laws, regulations or morals or customs, you are responsible for doing so.

In order to facilitate your use of this Service, when you confirm this Agreement by clicking on the web page or in other forms, once you use the UDF Internet platform software and related services, you are deemed to have fully understood all the terms of this Agreement and agree to be bound by this Agreement and other agreements and rules related to this Service.

1. Definitions 

1.1"This service": i.e. identity verification service, is a service where we provide you with an identity verification based on your application and submitted materials and information, and determine the identity verification result and identity verification information as appropriate.

1.2"This Agreement": namely UDF Internet Platform Identity Authentication Service Agreement, is an agreement entered into between us and you on the use of identity authentication service and other related matters.

1.3"We": refers to Tianjin City Advantage Interchange Technology Co., Ltd. 

1.4 UDF Internet Platform:Refers tothe cross-border financial Internet platform of UDF-Space (www.udfspace.com)

1.5"You": Also known as "user". Refers to the domestic and overseas natural persons, legal entities or organizations that apply for real-name authentication by using this service.

2. Authorization and License 

2.1 In order to provide you with this service, we need to store the information you fill in or retain during the application process.

2.2 If you apply for this service as a natural person, you need to authorize us to collect and save your identity documents and other relevant information to support us to accurately verify your identity and prevent your identity from being fraudulently used.

At the same time, we need to compare the information specified in the preceding paragraph with the third party organization that legally stores your information, so that we can verify the authenticity of your identity. If necessary, we will sign an agreement with such third parties and require them to ensure the security of user information. 

2.3 If you apply for this service for an institution or organization, you need to authorize us to save the business license and relevant information of the handler you uploaded, and compare the above information with the third-party institution that legally stores your information, so that we can verify the authenticity of your identity. If necessary, we will sign an agreement with such third parties and require them to ensure the security of user information. 

3. Use of theService

3.1If you handle this service, we will open theUDFInternet platform service channel for you for life, and you will havethe opportunity to cooperate with us and the UDF Internet platform.

3.2 If you have a business relationship with us, or handle related business on the UDF Internet platform, or use related products and services of the UDF Internet platform, you need to handle this service in advance.

3.3 You become a member of UDF Internet Platform by handling this service. We willprovide you with the corresponding membership service according to the UDF Internet platform membership management method.

4. Charges for this Service

4.1 This service is a fee-based service. The fees for this service are subject tothe fee/price published on the UDF Internet platform.

4.2 You can click the "Order Now" button in the UDF Internet Platform Identity Verification Service column and pay the relevant fee.

4.3 The fee for this certifiedservice is non-refundable.

4.4 If you have purchased UDF Internet Platform products and services; or have signed a relevant cooperation agreement with us, we will waive the relevant fees for your access to this service.

5. Your Rights and Obligations 

5.1 You understand and agree that the materials and information you submit are an important basis for the real-name verification results, and you shall ensure the authenticity, legality, accuracy and validity of all the materials and information provided to us.

5.2 During your cooperation with us and the UDF Internet platform, if any of your data and information changes, you should promptly notify us and provide the changed data and information so that we can update your certification data.

5.3 You shall not use this service in areas that are restricted or prohibited by China laws and regulations, or in violation of public order and good customs. Otherwise, if you cause damage to us or/and our affiliates, you shall also fully compensate us and our affiliates for all losses suffered thereby.

6. Our Rights and Obligations 

6.1 We shall provide real-name authentication services to you in accordance with this Agreement, but it does not mean that we conduct business in your country or region.

6.2 This service is only limited to screening and verifying the materials and information submitted by you. We can only conduct a reasonable and prudent review of the aforementioned materials and information within the scope of legal authority and reasonable ability. We do not provide any guarantee for the real-name verification results.

6.3 The results of this service are only for our business cooperation with you and your purchase of UDF Internet platform products and services. Any form of cooperation between you and a third party does not have any evidential effect.

6.4 We have the right to constantly adjust and improve the content, form and charging standard of this service according to the development of real-name authentication technology and the needs of market risk environment.

7. Protection of User Information 

7.1 Protecting user information is one of our basic principles, and we will take reasonable measures to protect all the data and information you submit. Except as provided in China laws and regulations and this Agreement, we will not share your identity verification results and information related to identity verification with any third party other than us without your permission.

7.2 Within the scope permitted by this Agreement, we will transmit and use relevant materials and information in a confidential storage and transmission manner during the verification of information with a third party organization that legally stores your information, so as to ensure the information security of users.

7.3 We are committed to maintaining a reasonable level of information security. In order to protect your information security, we are committed to using a variety of security technologies and supporting management systems to prevent your information from being leaked, damaged or lost. At the same time, relevant internal control system shall be established, the principle of minimum authorization shall be adopted for the staff who may have access to your information, and the relevant laws and regulations, privacy and security standards and security awareness shall be continuously trained for the staff. 

7.4 Please understand that due to technical level limitations and possible malicious means or attacks from third parties, problems may occur due to factors beyond our control. In the event of a user information security incident, we will, in accordance with the requirements of China laws and regulations, promptly inform you of the basic information and possible impact of the security incident, and the handling measures we have taken or will take. You can take precautions on your own, accept our recommendations to reduce risks and provide remedies to you. At the same time, we will also actively report the handling of user information security incidents in accordance with the requirements of regulatory authorities. If your information is leaked due to our intentional or gross negligence and thus causes direct losses to you, we will be liable for compensation according to law.

7.5 In addition to protecting your information in accordance with China laws and regulations and this Agreement, we will strictly protect your information in accordance with the UDF Internet Platform Privacy Protection Statement when processing your information. Please read it carefully. 

8. Handling of Breach of Contract 

If we find or receive complaints from others about your violation of laws and regulations or this Agreement, we have the right to impose, without notice, at any time, on your account, including but not limited to:Refuse to provide the Service, terminate the qualification review of the Service, order to supplement the qualification review materials, order to modify the real-name authentication information, order to apply for real-name authentication again, force to modify the account name and real-name authentication information, and even cancel the real-name authentication. You shall also pay full compensation for any damage caused to us or/and our affiliates. 

9. Disclaimer 

You understand and agree that, in view of the particularity of computers and the Internet, the following circumstances do not constitute our breach of contract:

(1) The service cannot be provided or interrupted due to natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, epidemics, etc., and social events such as wars, riots, government actions, interruption of telecommunications trunk lines, network congestion, technical adjustments of telecommunications departments, and government regulations;

(2) When we configure and maintain the server, we need to interrupt the service for a short time;

(3) The speed of your network access is reduced due to the blockage of the Internet;

(4) Interruption or termination of this service due to the relevant requirements of China laws, regulations and policies.


10.1 This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California, without regard to its conflict of law provisions. If any provision of this Agreement is invalid or unenforceable due to conflict with the laws of the People's Republic of China, such provision shall be invalid or reinterpreted as nearly as possible according to the original provisions of this Agreement, but the other provisions of this Agreement shall still have full legal effect.

10.2 The place of execution of this Agreement is Nankai District, Tianjin City People's Republic of China. If you have any dispute with us due to this Agreement, both parties shall try their best to resolve it through friendly negotiation;If no settlement can be reached through negotiation, you agree to submit relevant disputes to the people's court where this Agreement is signed for litigation settlement.

10.3 In order to provide you with better service, or in case of adjustment of China laws, regulations and policies, the Service will be updated and changed in a timely manner, and this Agreement will be amended, which constitutes a part of this Agreement. After this agreement is updated, we will issue an updated version and publish it through the official website before the updated terms come into effect, so that you can keep abreast of the latest version of this agreement. If you disagree with the revised terms of the agreement, you have the right to decide to stop using the service. If you continue to use this service after the effective time agreed by us, it means that you have fully read, understood and accepted the changed or revised agreement.

10.4 The headings in this Agreement are for convenience and reading only and shall not affect the meaning or interpretation of any provision of this Agreement.

10.5 If you are on the cross-border financial Internet platform of UDF-Space(www.udfspace.com), and click "Order Now" on the electronic page of the platform and pay the relevant fee, it shall be deemed that you agree to and sign this Agreement. This Agreement shall become legally effective.

Agreement for Digital Marketing Service on the UDF Platform

Agreement for Digital Marketing Service on the UDF Platform


Important: Before signing this Agreement, please make sure to read all the terms and conditions carefully. If you have any questions or objections, please promptly contact us (Party B) for clarification.


Party A: Purchasers of cross-border finance platform services on UDF Space (www.udfspace.com)


Party B: Tianjin U-Sharing Technology Co, Ltd




Party B is the first industrial internet platform in the field of cross-border finance in China and has built a cross-border finance platform, namely the UDF Space (www.udfspace.com) (hereinafter referred to as the "UDF Platform"). Positioned to "stand in China and connect the world", the UDF Platform is committed to promoting the interconnection of cross-border financial services for institutional clients, making trade more convenient, and making investment and finance more convenient.


In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, Party A and Party B have reached the following agreement on the purchase of services provided by Party B on its UDF Platform through equal consultation. 


Chapter I Signing and Effectiveness of Agreement

第一章 协议签署与生效

Article 1 Party A agrees to cooperate with Party B and purchase digital marketing offerings displayed on the UDF Platform through Party B's online marketing channels.

第1条 甲方同意与乙方合作,并通过乙方线上营销渠道,购买乙方在其UDF平台展示的数字营销服务产品。

Article 2 Once Party A has clicked "Purchase Now" and "Order Now" on the relevant web pages on the UDF Platform and completed payment on the “Order Confirmation” webpage, this Agreement shall be deemed signed and effective.

第2条 本协议自甲方在UDF平台对应服务产品电子页面点击“立即购买”&“立即下单”并在“确认订单”页面完成费用支付,即视为本协议签署并生效。

Both parties acknowledge the validity of the electronic data. 


Article 3 This Agreement, together with the UDF Platform Registration Agreement, the UDF Platform Privacy Protection Statement, the UDF Platform Real Name Authentication Service Agreement as well as description documents and electronic vouchers for relevant offerings, shall constitute a complete and integral legal document and have identical legal effect in relation to Party A’s purchase of offerings from Party B.

第3条 本协议与《UDF互联网平台注册协议》、《UDF互联网平台隐私保护声明》、《UDF互联网平台实名认证服务协议》及相关服务产品说明文件、电子凭证等共同构成一份完整且不可分割的,具有同等的法律效力的,关于甲方购买且使用乙方服务产品的法律文件。

Article 4 Before signing this Agreement, Party A has fully read and understood the functions, use conditions, manuals, etc. for the offerings on the UDF Platform, and their meanings. Party B hereby agrees to observe the same. 

第4条 甲方签署本协议前,已充分阅读并知晓乙方UDF平台服务产品的功能,服务产品使用条件、规则,以及使用说明等相关内容和其表达的意思;并同意予以遵守。 

Article 5 Party A shall provide Party B with relevant supporting documents before signing this Agreement, including but not limited to legally valid company registration documents (scanned copies of originals)/ identity certificates (scanned copies of originals), and documents proving its legal and usual operation / relevant information available at the official website of the competent authority)

第5条 甲方签署本协议,应当向乙方提供包括但不限于具有法律效力的公司注册或登记文件(原件扫描件)/身份证明文件(原件扫描件)、合法正常运营等相关证明文件/可查询的在政府官方网站登记的信息。

Article 6 Any matters not covered hereunder may be negotiated between Party A and Party B and a supplementary agreement may be signed in writing. The supplementary agreement is an inseparable part of this Agreement and has the same legal effect as this agreement.

第6条 未尽事宜,甲、乙双方协商可以线下签订书面形式的补充协议。补充协议为本协议不可分割的一部分,与本协议具有同等法律效力。

Article 7 This Agreement shall apply to any one or more offerings purchased by Party A on Party B's UDF Platform.

第7条 甲方在乙方UDF平台线上购买任意一项或多项服务产品均适用本协议。

Chapter II Offerings

第二章 服务产品

Article 8 As necessary for its business development, Party A agrees to purchase one or more offerings on Party Bs UDF Platform.The content, form and terms of services contained in the offerings purchased by Party A are subject to Party B’s announcement of the UDF Platform. 

第8条 甲方根据自身业务发展需要,同意购买乙方UDF平台单项或多项服务产品。甲方购买该服务产品所包含的服务内容、服务形式、服务时间等,以乙方在UDF平台公布的为准。

Article 9 The name, quantity, fee/price of the specific offerings purchased by Party A from Party B shall be subject to the content filled in by Party A in the "Order Details" under "Order Confirmation" on the website of the offerings. 

第9条 甲方购买乙方具体服务产品的名称、数量、费用/价格等内容,以甲方在该服务产品电子页面,“确认订单”项下“订单详情”中填写的内容为准。

Article 10 Party A shall purchase offerings on the UDF Platform solely to display and promote itself in its own name, including but not limited to its profile, corporate/organizational culture, strategic branding, and business.

第10条 甲方购买乙方UDF平台服务产品,只能以自身的名义,进行本公司/机构包括但不限于公司/机构简介、公司/机构文化、战略品牌,以及公司/机构业务产品等的展示与宣传。

Party A shall not provide any graphic or text materials or audio or video clips of its affiliates or other third parties, as well as other graphic or text materials or audio or video clips which are not related to Party A and Party A's business.


Article 11 Party A shall, based on its own needs, provide Party B with graphic or text materials or audio or video clips to upload, push and display under the offerings purchased.

第11条 本协议生效后,甲方根据其自身的需求,向乙方提供用于所购买的服务产品项下上传、推送与展示所需的信息图文、影音视频资料。

Article 12 After receiving complete graphics or text materials or audio or video clips provided by Party A, Party B shall start uploading, pushing and displaying the same based on the instructions for use of the offerings purchased by Party A.

第12条 乙方收到甲方提供的完整的信息图文、影音视频资料,根据其购买的服务产品使用说明,启动甲方信息图文、影音视频资料的上传、推送与展示。

Article 13 During the term of this Agreement, Party A shall notify Party B in writing if Party A requests to terminate the promotion and display of its graphics or text materials or audio or video clips. Party B may terminate the promotion and display of such graphics or text materials or audio or video clips; however, service fees paid to Party B shall not be refunded.

第13条 本协议履行过程中,甲方要求终止其信息图文、影音视频资料等内容的宣传与展示,应书面通知乙方。乙方可终止该信息图文、影音视频资料内容的宣传与展示;但乙方已收取的服务产品费用不予退还。

Chapter III Rights and Obligations

第三章 权利与义务

Article 14 Rights and Obligations of Party A

第14条 甲方权利与义务

14.1 Subject to this Agreement and relevant legal documents on the UDF Platform, Party A shall have the right to use the offerings it has purchased on the UDF Platform to post product information, branding information and promotion and marketing information. 

14.1 甲方有权在符合本协议及UDF平台相关法律文件约定的基础上,使用所购买的UDF平台服务产品并通过该服务产品发布产品信息、品牌宣传、以及内容营销推广等。

14.2 During the term of Party A’s use of the offerings purchased by it hereunder, Party A has the right to independently establish contact with clients to market its products and services. 

14.2 甲方在使用其购买的服务产品期间,有权独立与客户建立联系,营销其业务与产品。

14.3 Party A shall give Party B 3 business days’ notice to update, in case of any material changes to the information provided by Party B for uploading under the relevant offerings.

14.3 甲方提供给乙方上传服务产品所需的信息资料内容发生重大变动时,应在变动之日起3个工作日内,通知乙方进行更新。

14.4 Party A shall be responsible for the authenticity, accuracy, validity and legality of all information provided by Party A and shall ensure that the same has been properly authorized.

Graphic or text materials or audio or video clips provided by Party A shall not violate Chinese laws and regulations, public order and morality, or the principle of good faith, impair the interests of others, or defame others. 

14.4 甲方应对其提供的所有资料的真实性、准确性、有效性、合法性负责,并确保已经过合法授权。


14.5 Subject to the performance of all its obligations hereunder, Party A shall be entitled to the preferences and giveaways granted by Party B. Any such preferences and giveaways shall be canceled upon Party A’s default.  

14.5 甲方在履行本协议全部义务前提下,即取得享有乙方授予的优惠活动和乙方赠予的服务产品的资格。若甲方出现违约的情形,乙方给予甲方的优惠活动或赠与的服务产品也随即取消。

Article 15 Party B's Rights and Obligations

第15条 乙方权利与义务

15.1 Upon receipt of the graphic or text materials or audio or video clips for advertising, display or promotion, such as brand information, product information and professional knowledge provided by Party A, Party B shall upload and post them as agreed herein.


15.2 Party B shall properly operate and maintain the UDF Platform and ensure that it can display uninterruptedly and normally during the term of use by Party A. Party B shall maintain the quality of the display of Party A's brand, product and related information to the maximum extent permitted by technical conditions.

15.2 乙方应当做好UDF平台的运营和维护。保障甲方使用服务产品期间,能够不间断的、正常的运营展示。在技术条件允许的范围内最大限度保障甲方品牌、产品及相关信息展示的品质。

15.3 Party B has the right to review Party A’s graphic and text materials and audio and video clips. If the same is inconsistent with this Agreement, Party B has the right to refuse to upload the same and unilaterally take down or withdraw the content that has been uploaded.

15.3 乙方有权对甲方提供的信息图文、影音视频资料进行审查。对违反本协议的,乙方有权拒绝上传;已经上传的乙方有权单方强制下架或撤销。

15.4 Party B shall not unilaterally modify the graphic and text materials and audio and video clips provided by Party A, except that Party B may adjust the format or improve the content thereof in good faith for the benefit of Party A or for the purpose of protecting Party As interests. 

15.4 乙方不得擅自对甲方提供的信息图文、影音视频资料内容进行修改。乙方出于有利于甲方,或出于维护甲方利益,而对甲方提供的信息图文、影音视频资料做善意的形式调整、内容完善的除外。

15.5Party B has the right to revise and upgrade the UDF Platform without Party As prior consent. Such revision or upgrade shall not reduce the rights and interests of Party A hereunder.

15.5 乙方有权利对UDF平台进行改版和升级,而无需事先征求甲方意见。乙方改版或升级后的网站不应减少本协议约定的甲方权益。

Chapter IV Confidentiality Clause

第四章 保密条款

Article 16 Party A and Party B shall keep all confidential information (including but not limited to trade secrets) of the other party received or known in the course of performing this Agreement strictly confidential; shall not publicize, disclose or divulge the same to any unrelated third party, nor shall they cause or allow others to disclose the said confidential information, nor shall they use the confidential information for purposes other than the business of this Agreement, unless otherwise required by law, regulation or governmental, judicial or regulatory authorities or with the prior written consent of the disclosing party; and shall be liable for the acts of its agents, attorneys, etc. in respect of the duty of confidentiality.

第16条 甲乙双方应对履行本协议过程中接收或知悉的对方的所有保密信息(包括但不限于商业秘密)予以严格保密;非经法律法规或政府部门、司法机关、监管机构要求或征得信息披露方事先书面同意,不得向任何无关第三方宣传、透露或扩散,亦不得促使或允许他人披露上述保密信息,不得将保密信息用于本协议业务之外的其他用途;并应就保密责任对其代理人、律师等的行为负责。

Article 17 This confidentiality clause shall remain in force indefinitely and shall be an independent clause and shall not be invalidated by any change, rescission or termination of this Agreement.

第17条 本保密条款长期有效,为独立条款,不因本协议的变更、解除、终止而失效。

Chapter V Liability for Default

第五章 违约责任

Article 18 Both parties shall perform their obligations in accordance with this Agreement in order to ensure the smooth performance of this Agreement, and either party in violation of its obligations hereunder or failing to perform its obligations hereunder shall be deemed a breach of contract.

第18条 甲乙双方应按照本协议约定履行相应的义务,以保证本协议的顺利执行。任何一方违反本协议约定义务,或未履行本协议项下的义务,均被视为违约。

Article 19 The breaching party shall be held legally liable for its breach of contract; if its breach of contract causes direct economic loss to the other party, the breaching party is be liable for indemnification.

第19条 违约方应对其违约行为承担相应法律责任;其违约行为给另一方造成直接经济损失的,应承担赔偿责任。

Chapter VI Force Majeure

第六章 不可抗力

Article 20 A force majeure event means an event that cannot be foreseen by Party A and Party B at the time of concluding the Agreement and whose occurrence and consequences cannot be avoided or overcome, including but not limited to adjustment of national policies, changes in technical specifications, special arrangements for the work of the competent authorities, wars, severe fires, floods, typhoons and earthquakes. The affected party shall notify the other party in writing as soon as possible after the occurrence of the force majeure event and send the supporting documents issued by the relevant authorities to the other party for review and confirmation by express or registered mail within [7] days after the occurrence of the force majeure event. Once the effect of the force majeure event lasts for more than [30] days, the parties shall resolve the issue through friendly consultation. The occurrence of force majeure upon delayed performance of the agreement by either party shall not exempt that party from the corresponding  liability. The affected party shall immediately take appropriate measures to prevent any further loss; if no appropriate measures are taken resulting in any further loss, it shall not claim rights or demand partial or total exemption from liability to the extent of such further loss.

第20条 不可抗力事件系指甲乙双方在缔结协议时所不能预见的,且其发生及其后果是无法避免和无法克服的事件,包括但不限于国家政策调整、技术规范变更、行政主管部门工作的特殊安排、战争、严重火灾、洪水、台风、地震等。受影响一方应在不可抗力事件发生后尽快用书面形式通知对方,并于不可抗力事件发生后【7】天内将有关当局出具的证明文件用特快专递或挂号信寄给对方审阅确认。一旦不可抗力事件的影响持续【30】天以上,双方应通过友好协商解决。一方迟延履行协议后发生不可抗力的,不能免除迟延履行方的相应责任。受影响一方应立即采取适当的措施防止损失的扩大;没有采取适当措施致使损失扩大的,不得在损失扩大的范围内主张权利或者要求部分或全部免除责任。

Chapter VII Miscellaneous

第七章 其他条款

Article 21 Party B's point of contact: Zhou Qiang, e-mail: zhouqiang@u-sharing.com  

第21条 乙方联系人:周强,电子邮箱: :zhouqiang@u-sharing.com 

Article22 If this Agreement is translated into English, German, or any other language, and there is a discrepancy or conflict between the versions or interpretations, the parties agree that the Chinese version and the Chinese interpretation shall prevail.

第22条 本协议如果翻译为英文、德文,或其他语言的,各版本或各版本释义有差异或冲突的,各方同意以中文版和中文释义为准。

Article 23 Party B reserves the right to update this Agreement from time to time and disclose it on the UDF Platform.

第23条 乙方有权不定期对本协议进行更新,并在UDF平台进行披露。

If Party A has signed an earlier version of the Agreement before Party B updates and discloses this Agreement, the earlier version of the Agreement shall prevail. If Party A signs this Agreement after Party B has updated and disclosed this Agreement, such updated and disclosed version shall prevail.


Article 24 During the performance of this Agreement, Party A shall provide Party B with the name, number and e-mail of the point of contact in writing.

第24条 本协议履行期间,甲方应向乙方以书面方式提供联系人员姓名、电话,电子邮箱。

Any notification, information, documents/materials sent from either party to the other party shall be in writing and sent by e-mail or delivered by commercial courier to the point of contact of the parties.


Article 25 Any notification, information, document/material, transmitted from either party to the other shall be deemed duly under any of the following circumstances:

第25条 任意一方向对方发送的任何通知或信息、文件/资料,满足以下情形之一,即被视为该通知或信息、文件/资料送达:

25.1 If sent by e-mail, such e-mail system indicates that the e-mail has been sent or has been sent successfully; 

25.1 如果通过电子邮件发送,则在该电子邮件系统显示电子邮件已发送或已发送成功时;

25.2.If delivered by a commercial courier, the courier completes and delivers a signed receipt. 

25.2 如果由商业快递公司交付,则在快递员完成签署并交付收据时。

Article 26 The validity, interpretation, performance and dispute resolution of or under this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China.

第26条 本协议的有效性、解释、执行及履行和争议解决等,均适用中华人民共和国法律。

All disputes arising from the performance of this Agreement or in relation to this Agreement shall first be resolved by negotiation between the parties as far as possible; if any dispute cannot be resolved by negotiation, it shall be submitted to the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission for arbitration.


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